Joyful Smiles Thru Faith

Joyful Smiles Thru Faith
Sharing joy through faith one smile at a time

Sometimes life gets too BIG for children.


That's when Joyful Smiles Thru Faith takes action.


Our Kare Packages are filled with activities, toys, and Thinking of You Cards.


The children love them, and the families are so grateful to see their child's spirit brighten.


We love what we do!

What we do

We put together Kare Packages filled with activities, toys, and a handmade Thinking of You card made by members of the community. All in a reusable pouch!


We have delivered hundreds of Kare Packages and are partnered to deliver them to hospitals and schools.


The children we deliver them to are our Superheroes. Their happiness at that moment is the reason we do what we do.


It's not just the kids. The families are so relieved and grateful to see their child light up, despite going through hardship.


Would you like to help Toledo's Superheroes? There are many ways you can help!



How You can help

Did You Know?


There are so many ways that YOU can get involved.  We need our community members to spread the word about what we do. 


We don't want to miss a single child that could use on of our Kare Packages.


We Need:



New, Smoke-Free Toys

Cheerleaders, Spread the Word

We can always use donations, of course! 


We are completely funded by people just like you. The children in our community need you. Will you answer the call?